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Being in debt is hard. It can ruin your credit, and even ruin your life, if you let it. Thankfully, there is relief available. If you've gotten into debt, either because of running up credit card bills, falling behind on a home mortgage, car loan, or some other money problem, there are programs and ways of helping yourself out of what appears to be a certain bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Credit was easy to come by for most of the past few years, but hidden in the fine print were huge penalties, excess interest charges, and other pitfalls that many did not know about. Now, with huge bills facing them, many people are having to decide whether or not to keep trying to pay something or just giving up. Across the land, many are having to decide if they should walk away from the family home.

There is talk of a credit card bailout which would help the average citizen to finally get out of debt. Obama has discussed such possibilities in the past. However, for now it appears only the banks were bailed out, and the credit card users are still on the hook for their bills and the tax dollars that end up in the hands of the creditors.

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